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Our Special Menus

Sizzling BBQ from Tandoor

We are proud to serve Lahori Beef, Lamb and chicken kababs.

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Briyani (Rice)

We serve Chicken, Beef, Mix Vegetables, Fish, Lamb, Chicken Tikka (Boneless) briyani.

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Lahori Karahi

Karahi Gosht (Lamb) and butter chicken are our house specialties . Check our menu.

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Try Our Lahori Kulfi*

Our Kulfi is the heart of Lahore which needs a lot of ingredients and true love towards the finest desert.

  * Kulfi =Traditional 

     Pakistani Ice cream 

 We serve  Almond,

 Pistachio, Strawberry and 

 mango  flavor for deserts.


Today's Hot

Kids Menu

From our tandoor we love to serve very miled kebabs and boneless chicken to our kids.

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Tandoori Naans

Serving Naan (Bread) is our tradition.We serve, Butter,Till and Plain Rooti.

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Samosa is a favorite appetizer.We serve vegetable and meat samosa.

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